Just Walking

I strongly believe that walking is one of the best things we human people can do for ourselves. Yes, yes, we’re much too “car dependent” and “sedentary” and all of that. But also, and possibly more so, walking promotes thought. As I’ve stated before I hate being in my own head, but as I walk I’m looking at new things and noticing things I wouldn’t see if I were sitting at home…or driving as a better alternative.

This morning Corrie and I went into northern Idaho (which isn’t as sketchy as it sounds) and just did a little hike. Six miles or so. It wasn’t to anywhere specific, we just drove along a forest service road, parked, and started walking. We talk plenty on a daily basis but that was easily our best, most wholesome conversation in weeks. Who knows sparks that; Clean air, nature, ambulation, environmental silence…

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. — Nietzsche

Even in solitude, walking is so great. I’ll sometimes wake up in the morning, make a to-go coffee, grab my camera and just walk around. Sometimes I see nothing, but often times I’m inspired by something. An owl on a house, a business open sign accidentally left on overnight, an early 90’s model sedan with a fucked up quarter panel.



Awoke to a noise. Maybe not a real noise, quite possibly within a dream but there was a startle nonetheless. The dogs weren’t aroused, only us humans. I wandered upstairs to investigate with no weapon except for my clenched fist and a sore lower back.

Nothing, as suspected.

It wasn’t even me that heard it, it was my wife. Minutes later, back in bed, she is breathing heavy in sleep and I’m wide-eyed. Back upstairs I go, but this time to kill away the hours until I can relax again. I crack a beer, because why not, open up the iPad and begin to draw.

I both hate being awake in the middle of the night and secretly love the quiet and alone. The thought of self-reflection terrifies me but when there’s nothing more to do than listen to unfamiliar music and doodle the time away allowing thoughts to materialize and quickly disappear, I suppose this fleeting level of distracted reflection is good enough.

Basically there just a lot of self-loathing going on. Ahh well.


Appreciate Autumn

Sitting on the floor with the dogs, I had hoped to get out for a ride this afternoon but the 12-15mph winds outside are blocking that plan. It is officially fall and I’m bummed. The season of warm road rides and runs are over; in fact the high for the next two days are in the 40’s.

The weather here on the Palouse is either beautiful or heinous. Tis the season for manning up or simply exercising inside maintaining fitness for use in the spring, and I’m not mentally ready for that yet.

But now I sit here looking out the window at the tree leaves whipping around with a completely still houseplant in the foreground. I yearn to be less like the houseplant.



Midnight Walk

Sleep has been off lately. I’ve been sick and probably stressed. Was up at midnight and decided to go for a little walk in the cool air to just clear the mind.

Fuji X-Pro1
Canon FD 50mm 1.4/f