Found Photos - Grand Canyon 2006

A series of photos thought to be lost through time and old technology, but found on an unmarked CD-ROM in the bottom of a shoebox of notebooks. Backpacking through the canyon with some guys I barely knew. The night before the start my car was broken into in Flagstaff and my hiking shoes were stolen, forcing me to hike the Canyon in Chacos.

Canon PowerShot A520

To Cheney

Departing at 6:19am (sunrise) on Saturday morning, I began pedaling towards Cheney, WA , 80 miles away. It was mid-50’s, not too windy, and a route I had mapped out on the internet but was only intimately familiar with the first half.

Jersey pockets stuffed with snacks, extra layers, and a camera slung across my back. There were some photo stops, rest stops, and route-checking stops. At the end was my buddy, Keith’s house, with a shower and some cold IPA awaiting me.