Photos from life and adventures primarily around the PNW. Selections of design work both full-time and freelance. Not currently seeking work, but always looking for new friends.

Currently headquartered in Pullman, Washington, I grew up in Phoenix and pursued my dream career in the conservation biology field at Arizona State University. After nearly suffering loss of life and limb multiple times while working for the Arizona Game and Fish Department then The Phoenix Zoo, I decided to pivot my professional direction and express my passion for visual design from safely behind the glowing screen of an iMac.

Now working as a Graphic Designer for Washington State University, I draw, doodle, manipulate, and over process visuals to engage and inform students. Outside of that, there’s a bunch of bike riding and beer smashing.

Outlive the Bastards, Take the Lane, Stick to Plan B, ITG WIS PBR

General inquiry - drop me a line hi@scottmackey.design